Apr 15, 2023

Iron Man #1 (1968 Marvel)

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Iron Man #1 was a comic book issue published by Marvel Comics in 1968, featuring the first appearance of the iconic superhero Iron Man in his own self-titled series. The issue was written by Stan Lee and illustrated by artist Gene Colan.

The story begins with billionaire industrialist Tony Stark being gravely injured in a weapons test in Vietnam, where he is taken captive by enemy forces. In order to save his life, Stark constructs a suit of powered armor that not only keeps him alive but also gives him incredible strength and agility. Returning to the United States, he decides to use his newfound abilities to fight evil and becomes the superhero Iron Man.

The issue also introduces several supporting characters, including Stark’s loyal assistant Pepper Potts, his business rival Obadiah Stane, and his longtime friend and ally James Rhodes.

Iron Man #1 was a critical and commercial success, and helped launch one of Marvel’s most enduring and popular characters. The issue is highly sought after by collectors and is considered a classic of the superhero genre.

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