Apr 17, 2023

Original Marvel Splash Page Art Signed by Jan Duursema

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Original Marvel Splash Page Art signed by Jan Duursema refers to a piece of artwork created by the artist Jan Duursema for a Marvel comic book, specifically a splash page. A splash page is a full-page illustration that is often used to introduce a story or showcase a significant moment in a comic book.

The artwork is likely to feature one or more of Marvel’s iconic characters, such as Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, or the X-Men. Jan Duursema is a well-known comic book artist who has worked on various titles for Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse Comics. She is best known for her work on Star Wars comics, especially her long run on the Star Wars: Legacy series.

The original Marvel Splash Page Art signed by Jan Duursema is a unique and valuable piece of artwork, and its value is likely to be determined by a variety of factors, including the popularity of the characters featured, the quality of the artwork, and the rarity of the piece. Collectors and fans of Marvel comics and Jan Duursema’s work are likely to be interested in acquiring this artwork as part of their collections.

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