Apr 15, 2023

Superman #52 (1948 DC) –

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Superman #52 is a comic book issue published by DC Comics in May 2016 as part of the company’s “Rebirth” event. Written by Peter J. Tomasi and illustrated by Mikel Janin, the issue concludes the “Final Days of Superman” storyline. In this issue, Superman is dying, and he enlists the help of his former enemy, Lex Luthor, to protect Metropolis in his absence. The issue features a poignant and emotional farewell to Superman, as he passes on his mantle to a new hero who will carry on his legacy. Overall, Superman #52 is a powerful and moving conclusion to a memorable storyline that reaffirms the importance of Superman’s role as a symbol of hope and inspiration.

Superman #52 is not generally considered a particularly valuable comic book issue in terms of its monetary worth. It is not a rare or highly sought-after issue by collectors, and it was printed in relatively large quantities compared to some other comic books. However, it is still highly valued by many fans and readers of Superman for its emotional impact and significance within the character’s history. The issue marks the end of an era for the Superman character, as the storyline sees the death of the New 52 version of Superman and sets the stage for the return of the classic version of the character. Additionally, the issue features powerful artwork and writing that resonates with many readers, making it a cherished and memorable part of Superman’s long and storied history in comic books.

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